Halo anda sayang pantai [Hello beautiful beach babes],

As the days have passed here in Bali I have been aware of a shift since our last time on this island.  There is an acknowledgement on the impacts being made to the environment in so many ways. 

With the recent developments of COVID-19, the world has a very soft flowing vibration at the moment. Even here in Bali, thing's haven't exactly stopped but there is not as much energy in the air as when we first arrived.. everybody a little more aware and cautious.  From personal health to the health of the planet.. is it all connected? 

Driving down the streets, through the lanes and past the rice fields you can't help but be aware of the repetitive signage of 'NO PLASTIC', "CLEAN UP BALI', "DON'T CHANGE OCEANS TO PUDDLES'  When we first arrived here two weeks ago it was one of the conversations the locals had with us, that single use plastic bags were forbidden here.  Recycle, recycle, recycle. That you need your own bag to do shopping, or when food is delivered that it comes wrapped so cleverly in paper, somehow managing to keep it all in one neat bundle of deliciousness. 

More than 8 million tonnes of plastics enter the world’s oceans each year, and of this, Indonesia contributes 1.29 million tonnes, making it the second-largest plastic polluter to the world’s oceans, yet plastic waste is piling up at the rate of 1000 cubic meters per day.. a really frightening figure when you look around and see that their water ways are the main source for vegetation and the gorgeous ever green rice paddies.  It wasn't until January 1st 2019 that the law changed to ban plastic bags completely here in Bali and since then the Indonesian government has now pledged to reduce its output of plastic into the oceans by 70 percent by 2025.

What a commitment- and the shift is obvious. 

As a visitor to this island, it is uplifting to see this movement, to see the care that each individual has on the environment and the small ways they can lessen their impact. There are multiple groups , making even more efforts to take even subtler shifts in the right direction, continually bettering this island to make it clean. 

For one small island on this gorgeous planet, it makes my heart sing to think that if every country were to continue to make their impact less, in whatever way they can, that we may have a chance to clean up the messes of the last century.  And in turn, better the health of the entire human race. 

Be conscious of your decisions. Always. 


[katakan tidak pada plastik] SAY NO TO PLASTIC. 


ONE ISLAND ONE VOICE: Over the past four years the movement has gathered 57500 people in 430 location on Bali and prevented 155 tons of plastic from entering the oceans. 

#ECOBALI: ecoBali was established in 2006 in response to the urgency of waste management problems in the island of Bali.  Their vision is to enable everyone towards a zero waste lifestyle by promoting responsible waste management, create green knowledge and eco products towards achieving zero waste.

OCEAN MIMIC: Cleaning up different beaches every Sunday, bringing together the community with beach pick ups.