Suksma [Hello in Indonesian].. 

Our first week here in Canggu, Bali.  Somehow it already feels like home.. The streets feel familiar, the smells are reminiscent of past holidays spent here.. I suppose it feels like home when you pass people on the street with smiling faces and you want to smile back.  There is an intimacy here in Bali I have only felt in a few other places throughout the world.  Perhaps it is the way of living, holding close your loved one on a scooter,  seeing locals give blessings throughout the day to pay homage to their religion... it is romantic. 

There is a rhythm here.. and it is like a love song; the streets full of scooters may be fast, but life here is slow.  There is care taken in every little action and the energy here hums.

We have come to Bali to spend time unwinding from Summer, refreshing and renewing our creative minds to bring you some special pieces for the next sunny seasons later in the year.  We will be working closely with local artisans to create beautifully crafted pieces to add to our swimwear collections, complimenting the female form in every way, consciously and sustainably. 

We strive to make informed choices that will have an effective outcome for both our planet, and local people, no matter where in the world that may be. 

Om swastyastu [May Peace be with you] 

Kitty x